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Catering FAQ:

A: Moojo is Austin’s premiere destination for ice cream catering services! Take a second to think about your guests to decide which option is best for you. We offer live on-site catering buffets where guests can customize their own flavors and enjoy warm cookies on gourmet ice cream. Our pre-made sandwiches are combinations that you can specify beforehand. With pre-mades, the cookies and ice cream are frozen but the cookies are still soft since we bake them fresh for you!

For large guest counts with only a brief serve window, we recommend our pre-made sandwiches. For everything else, we recommend our live custom sandwiches!

A: You name it! In the past, we’ve catered weddings, mitzvahs, birthday parties, grad parties, holiday parties, school carnivals, sports events, happy hours, employee appreciation events, and everything in between!

A: Take a look at our full menu for all of our flavors. For live catering, you can choose 3 flavors of ice cream and 3 flavors of cookies to be served. The guest chooses which cookie and which ice cream they would like. We customize the ice cream sandwich in front of them. The cookies are warm and freshly baked. The cookies and ice cream is cold and delicious. We can also provide gluten free and vegan options in both cookies and ice cream for additional $1 per sandwich.

A: Sure! Our most popular ice creams are Vanilla, Strawberry and Salted Caramel Pretzel. Our most popular cookies are Chocolate Chunk, Butter Sugar, and Snickerdoodle. We think they complement each other nicely.

A: For our buffet setup, we bring a freezer cart to keep the ice cream cold, a warmer to keep the cookies hot, our own table, and a member of the Moojo team! We also can provide a wooden customizable sign or chalkboard listing all the flavors you’ve selected. All we need from you is a power outlet! Another option is our Moojo van, where we can hand your ice cream sandwiches to you straight out of our window! Take a look at our gallery to see more!

Pre-made ice cream sandwiches will be dropped off to you in labeled boxes. The delivery would be at the time you expect people will be eating. If left out, they will start to melt after about 30 minutes. If you don’t have freezer storage nor coolers, we can provide coolers for you.

A: Absolutely. Take a look at our gallery to see the décor we can supply ourselves – including chalk boards, wooden menu, light up signs, Moojo table cloths – but we’re always adaptable! If you’d like us to use your custom-designed menu, your colored table cloth, and decorations, we can do that!

A:We offer three sizes. For live on-site, small size sandwiches (1.75” cookie)are $4.75 each, snack size (3” cookie) are $5.50 each, and regular size (3.5” cookie) are $6.00 each. Additional 15% service fee and transportation based on distance from the Moojo store.

For pre-made sandwich delivery, small size is $3.75, snack size is $4.50 and regular size is $5.00. Additional delivery charge based on distance from store.

A: All cookies are baked at Moojo’s home base! The batter is supplied by Lockhart Fine Foods. We receive our ice cream from McConnell’s in California and our Vegan ice cream from local producers NadaMoo!

A: Absolutely! We offer vegan or gluten free chocolate chunk or snickerdoodle cookies and a rotating selection of vegan ice cream. Most of our ice cream is gluten free. Just ask us!

A: All our cookies are baked in the same ovens so we can’t guarantee with 100% certainty that our nut-free cookies don’t contain trace amounts. However, less severe allergies should be a-okay with our nut-free cookies and ice cream.

A: By request, yes!

A: Our Celebration Cakes are one of our most special creations! We take two BIG cookies (9” in diameter!) and a layer of ice cream in between to make a delicious ice cream sandwich cake. You can pick any two flavors of cookie for the top and bottom and any classic ice cream flavor for the filling! The cakes are just $38 a pop, and add toppings or a custom message for an extra $5.

A: Either way! With our wedding ice cream catering, we can adjust to whatever you’re looking for. We can bring a Celebration Cake, custom sandwiches, or pre-mades. We can serve right after dinner or as guests are leaving. We can set up instead of a traditional cake or alongside one. The choice is yours!

A: Definitely! We offer store rentals. As always, just get in touch. We can bring our moments of joy to you, or you can come find them at the store.