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Cater With Moojo And Treat Your Guests Right

Create an event like none other when you serve your guests mouth-watering Moojo ice cream sandwiches.

Who doesn't like a warm, homemade cookie matched with gourmet ice cream?

We do and we know your guests will too.

Find out how we will lovingly cater your next party, corporate event or wedding.

We will deliver joy any way that works for you.

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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

We have a pack of wild animals in our office and Moojo was the perfect treat to calm everyone down. Their tireless staff arrived on time at our office to make custom-ordered sandwiches of heaven for 2 solid hours until every last staff member was curled up at their desk in a sugary daze.

Claire at RetailMeNot

Moojo catered our wedding earlier this month. They are AWESOME! They bring a cart with a cookie warmer and freezer for ice cream. Our guests picked between 3 flavors of cookies and 4 flavors of ice cream to make their personalized sandwich. They are all so delicious, you really could not go wrong with any combination! The staff was friendly and professional. Moojo was a huge hit!!

Krista C.

I was in charge of a company-wide dessert social for 75 people and took a chance on trying out Moojo for the first time and I am glad I did! Moojo is a first class, professional dessert caterer! Great customer service and my co-workers LOVED the ice cream desserts. We will definitely use them again.

Patty of TMRS

I wish I could go back and eat our Moojo ice cream sandwiches all over again! They were absolutely delicious and all our wedding guests are still talking about them. We knew we didn't want cake at our wedding and our wedding planner suggested Moojo, it was one of the best decisions we made! The staff came in and made warm cookie and ice cream sandwiches that were made to order. It actually ended up being more affordable for us than a cake and so much more memorable. Oh and going in to choose our cookies and ice cream was so much fun, come hungry! Thanks Moojo!

Megan H.

We had Moojo cater ice cream sandwiches at our wedding. It was a TOTAL HIT! Our guests devoured the ice cream sandwiches, and simply having the cart outside drew people out to our outdoor dance floor, which was very helpful. I won't forget the moment when I finally had a free moment, sprinted over to the Moojo cart, and ate the MOST DELICIOUS dessert of my life — chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream. Nothing has ever tasted this good, and with the added bonus of all the people we love most around us dancing and eating ice cream sandwiches as well. Thank you Moojo! You made our big day that much more special!!

Owen O.
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